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Modules Topics
Module 01 Stock as investment
Basics of stocks as short-term and long-term investments, stock issuance and types of securities and markets, role of the board of directors, stock dividend, repurchase and split, and their impacts on investors.
Module 02 Process for issuing stock
Regulations on Initial Public Offering (IPO), roles and functions of the securities firms in assisting companies in issuing and selling IPOs, forms of underwriting and valuation of IPOs, stock rights, and role of information.
Module 03 Operation of stock market
Stock exchange, market makers, dealers and brokers, market order and execution, commissions and profits, market liquidity and trades among dealers in the stock exchange, Electronic Trading System for stock trading.
Module 04 Process of choosing a broker
Difference between dealers and brokers, account with brokers, factors for selecting brokers, use of their advices and services, individual versus joint accounts, cash and margin account, service fees and commissions.
Module 05 Role of financial statements for stock valuation
Importance of financial statements for investment decision, income statements to evaluate profits, dividends and retaining earnings, difference between income statement and balance sheet, book value and market value, abuse of debt financing and risk to a firm, and share repurchase.
Module 06 Fundamental analysis for valuating stocks
Role of time value of money and discounting future cash flows, importance of forecasting future cash flows from dividends and capital gain, factors affecting the value of a stock, interest rates and inflation, stock’s estimated value and market price.
Module 07 Investing in foreign stocks
Advantages and disadvantages of foreign stock investment and their risk, impacts of changes in foreign currency exchange rates on stock value, process buying foreign shares and getting their information.
Module 08 Risks of owning stock
Types of investment risk: systematic and non-systematic risk, interest rate and inflation and liquidity risk, relationship between risk and firm’s size and debts, use of portfolio to reduce risk, , and relation between risk and return.
Duration: 48 hours (3 credits)
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