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Modules Topics
Module 01 Overview of Asset Management Industry
  1. Overview of fund management and managed funds
  2. Retail and wholesale managed funds
  3. Participants in the fund management industry
  4. Distribution channels
Module 02 Client Objectives and Product availability
  1. Identifying client objectives and constraints
  2. The main asset classes
  3. Major types of managed funds
Module 03 Basic Theoretical Aspects of Portfolio Management
  1. Investment concepts
  2. Investment preferences
  3. Capital asset pricing model
  4. Arbitrage pricing theory
  5. Efficient market hypothesis
Module 04 The Investment Management Process:
  1. Overview of the investment management process
  2. Setting the investment objectives
  3. Formulating the investment strategy
  4. Asset allocation strategies
  5. Investment management styles
  6. Performance measurement and evaluation
  7. Reviewing and monitoring the investment management process
  8. Role of the fund research house or rating agengy
Module 05 Glossary
Duration: 48 hours (3 credits)
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