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Modules Topics
Module 01 Overview of Securities Investments: instruments, CSX, global securities markets, key factors affecting securities prices.
  1. Historical background
  2. Stock Exchange of Cambodia
  3. The global securities markets
  4. Key factors affecting the securities markets
  5. Market indices
Module 02 The Cambodian Stock Exchange: primary and secondary markets, markets surveillance, reporting and exchange participants.
  1. Primary market
  2. Secondary market
  3. Market surveillance and impact on participant behavior
  4. Reporting to investors and the market
  5. Exchange Participants
Module 03 Market participants: investment companies, dealers, brokers, financial advisors, credit agencies, share registrar, clearing and settlement, securities depository.
  1. Brokers
  2. Dealers
  3. Financial analysts
  4. Institutional investor
  5. Retail and high net worth investors
  6. Arbitrageur
  7. Financial advisor
  8. Credit agencies
  9. Custodians
  10. Share registrars
  11. Self-regulatory bodies
  12. Exchange Participants
  13. Reporting to investors and the market - keeping the market
  14. Informed
Module 04 Types of Securities: equity, debt, bankers' acceptance, commercial paper, certificate of deposit, risk management, and derivatives.
  1. Equity securities
  2. Debt securities
  3. Risk management
  4. Derivatives
Module 05 Stock Market Administration: membership, listing, trading system, clearing and settlement, trading record management, risk management, and technology.
  1. Trading system in Cambodia
  2. Clearing and settlement system in Cambodia
  3. Transaction costs in stock trading
  4. Trading records management
  5. Conduct of business
  6. Risk management
  7. Technology
Module 06 Securities Analysis: fundamental analysis and technical analysis.
  1. Fundamental analysis and technical analysis
  2. Fundamental analysis
  3. Technical analysis
Module 07 Glossary
Module 08 Sample of examination questions
Duration: 48 hours (3 credits)
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