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Modules Topics
Module 01 The Global Financial System:
  1. The role of the financial system in the global economy
  2. The financial system and markets
  3. Factors affecting global financial markets
Module 02 Financial System in Cambodia:
  1. Role of the government and regulators
  2. Participants in the Cambodian financial system
  3. Factors affecting the Cambodian market
Module 03 The Equity (Stock) Market:
  1. Overview
  2. Fundamentals of equity securities
  3. The stock market
  4. Partial privatization of government-owned companies
  5. The Cambodian equity market
Module 04 The Debt Market:
  1. Overview
  2. Categorization of bonds
  3. Fundamentals of pricing debt securities
  4. Role of the yield curve
  5. The Cambodian debt market
Module 05 Financial Risk Management:
  1. Overview
  2. Types of financial risks
  3. The risk management process
  4. Financial risk management in Cambodia
Module 06 Applications in the Financial Sector:
  1. Corporate finance
  2. Asset management
  3. Retail financial advising
  4. An illustration of interdependence of functions in the financial markets
Module 07 Glossary
Module 08 Sample of examination questions
Duration: 48 hours (3 credits)
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