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Practical Diploma in Financial Markets  
Professional Diploma in Financial Markets  
Practical Diploma in Share Trading  
Bachelor of Finance and Capital Markets 129 Credits
Bachelor of Finance and Banking 129 Credits
Bachelor of Accounting and Finance 129 Credits
Master of Finance and Capital Markets 60 Credits
Master of Finance and Banking 60 Credits
Master of Accounting and Finance 60 Credits
Master of Financial Analysis 60 Credits

Course Outline

This program will help you to understand the financial management and accounting practices needed for mangers to understand the company financial situation and to make decision accordingly. Participants will be encouraged to think about and question their current financial decision making approaches.

During the challenge economic time, it is more important for managers to be sensitive with the company and economic trend. Therefore, managers are required to understand well the company tendency which is based on financial statements and to be able to interpret the items in the financial statements for making a proper decision. It is important to know where value is created in your organization and to understand the factors that build value or destroy value in your business

The course is designed to help participants understanding accounting mechanism and importance of finance function and the role of mangers in their organizations.

Key Benefits

  • Learn the basic of accounting concepts and mechanism
  • Understand how to interpret and use the information provided in balance sheets, income statements, and cash-flow statements
  • Perform fundamental financial and accounting analyses. Understand the process of valuation in all aspects of an organization
  • Understanding Cambodia’s taxation rules for avoiding problem with tax department and audit
  • Communicate more effectively with stakeholders; perform more aggressively and positively in business.


  • An Introduction to Accounting Mechanism
  • Reading and Interpreting Financial Statements
  • Measuring Performance
  • Cambodia’s taxation rules & tax regime


  1. Accounting Principles, Double Entry and Accounting Cycle
  2. Journal, Ledger, Trial Balance and Financial Statement
  3. Accounting Cycle
  4. Inventory and Cost of Goods Sold
  5. Financial statements and their relationship & Financial Statement Analysis
  6. Scope of Cambodia’s taxation-Tax regime. Tax payable in Real regime



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Core Courses (8 courses) 24 Credits
Year Semester I Credits
I Applied Business Statistics 3
Marketing Management 3
Financial Accounting 3
Corporate Finance-1 3
Semester II
Securities Investments 3
Human Resource Management 3
Management Accounting 3
Corporate Finance-2 3
Elective Courses (10 courses) 30 Credits
Year II Semester I Credits
II Investment Analysis 3
Financial Markets 3
Financial Reporting 3
Financial Statement Analysis-I 3
International Finance 3
Seminars in Finance-1
Semester II
Portfolio & Asset Management 3
Derivatives Investments 3
Corporate and Business Law 3
Financial Statement Analysis-II 3
Case Studies in Finance 3
Seminars in Finance-2 3
Student who do not write thesis must take final exam 2 courses
Thesis writing (Take 8 elective courses only) 12 Credits
Grand Total Credits 60 Credits
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